Quick and dirty setup for tracking currently playing Spotify tracks (Only works with the PC app)

I am getting ready to participate in the next Ludum Dare (LD35), and being my first time, I wanted to do it on Twitch as well. So I started setting things up, such as adjusting my screen and webcam layout and getting some music. I’ve found that there was no easy way to show my current playing track on spotify. Not the way I wanted, anyway.

What have I tried?

First, I tried capturing the Spotify App windows partially, but it hides part of the song if it’s longer than the widget size. It was kinda ugly. Then, I tried using their api, but it seems there is not such method to get the current playing track. Without any further options, I noticed that the song/artist names showed up on the title of the window. So I’ve come up with a quick and dirty C# wpf app to capture the title and format it to my needs. Click here to read more.