Expectations, impressions, efforts, and results.

This post is not programming-related. It’s also purely anedoctal and based solely on my own experiences.


I’ve recently watched all the unfold fiasco regarding Mighty No. 9. For those who don’t know, it’s a game that was promised to be almost like a “spiritual successor” of megaman, but apparently failed in a outrageous way. When this kind of thing happens, as always, we see some people take an initial stand, and everyone else following the bandwagon. Some judge, others defend. “It’s not that bad”, “It’s atrocious”, and everything in-between. One post that got my attention was: “If it was me doing a game like this, I would be so proud. I don’t understand why people are bashing it so much”. Click here to read more.


Focus? Or a brief decompilation of our brains 

A simple concept, in theory

This post is not directly programming-related. It’s just a plethora of ticks and tacks over my own thought processes.

When I first started this development blog, I wrote the following in the “About” section: “I’m going to focus on the thorns in our side; Or how to work around all pesky limitations, all pain in the neck around different kinds of libraries and technologies that pulverize our precious time”. I originally planned to post at least once a week. And despite having enough content, and enough time to write, I was unable to fulfill this weak, fragile requirement formulated by my wanting mind. Click here to read more.