.NET Core RC 2, TFS, and you in a pickle. “Failed to make the following project runnable” – Access Denied

Can’t touch this

This is basically an issue which is likely to happen (AFAIK) if you’re currently using Server Workspaces in TFS. Due to the size of the solutions and projects I’m working in, changing to a local workspace feels a lot slower. Now, I’ve recently switched some of my projects to .NET Core, and building one of them has yielded the offending error:

Failed to make the following project runnable: aaa.bbb.ccc (.NETFramework,Version=v4.5) reason: Access to the path ‘g:\xxx\yyy\zzz\bin\Release\net45\uvw.dll’ is denied.

This is caused by the fact that those files are marked as “read-only”, which is the default for files in source control that are not checked out. Click here to read more.